Online Wedding Invitations

Save money and time by inviting your guests online

Digital Invitations Made Easy

Choose from one of our beautiful templates or create your own vision - you will love how easy it is!

How it works

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    Add your guests
    We make it a breeze to add your guests or to upload from a spreadsheet.
  2. 02
    Say it your way
    We have starters for Save The Dates, Invitations and RSVP Reminders, or you can create your own.
  3. 03
    Customise your design
    We help you match all your other wedding stationery for a beautiful and consistent theme.
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    Send your invites
    At the tap of a button, you're done! We take care of the sending and route all replies back to you.
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Complement or replace traditional invites

Pick and choose your recipients, so if you want to send some paper invites and some digital - perfect!

A Website For Your Big Day

Tell your guests all they need to know about the big day on your free wedding website - add all your events, photos and videos! All in one of our beautifully designed themes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I send to my guests?

Anything you like! Anything from the Save the Date to the Thank You Notes and everything inbetween.

Is there a limit to how many emails I can send?

We don't charge per email, so you can send as many as you need!

Do email invites replace traditional paper invites?

We have designed our email invitations and announcements to replace OR complement paper invites. So if you want to send invitations to some or all of your guests, you can. But if you don't, email invitations will work equally well for you!

What about Nana/Grandpa/etc.?

You don't need to send to everyone. You pick and choose. So if a guest doesn't have a smart phone or computer you can just RSVP on their behalf.

…and so much more

Guest Plus Ones

Guests can only add a +1 when you choose, so you can avoid that awkward conversation.

Unique Website Address

Use your included Say I do address or upgrade for a Custom .com Domain Name.

Password Protected Website

Hide your website from prying eyes with a secret password you share only with guests.

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