Questions to Ask Your Wedding Guests on Your Wedding Website RSVP

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Once you’ve created your dream wedding website, and uploaded your guest list information, the next step is to pick a digital wedding invitation which fits your theme and write the text. If you’re wondering what to include in your wedding evites and wedding RSVP cards, this feature is for you because believe us there’s more to it than simply sharing your wedding date, time, and wedding venue! The benefits of digital wedding invitations are huge for both you and your wedding guests. From aiding your wedding planning, to reducing waste, and being able to request all the information you need from your guest list ahead of the wedding day. Plus you can make sure that they have all the information they need to be able to celebrate with you too, especially if you’re having a destination wedding or have a lot of out of town guests. Your online wedding invitation will typically include the following details as standard: names of the hosts, couple’s names, date and time of ceremony, ceremony and reception location and the RSVP deadline. But here are some ideas for questions that you may want to include on your wedding RSVP card too - from the essential information to some fun ones too…

Meal Preferences

Depending on the catering at your wedding venue or the style of wedding that you’re going for you may need to give your guests the option to choose their meal preference out of a couple of carefully chosen tasty options. If you’re having a buffet or street food style catering this might not be relevant but if your caterer has three different options for your guests to choose from and they need a final number ahead of the big day, it’s important you include this within the RSVP process.

Dietary Restrictions

It’s also super important to request any general dietary requirements too. Ask your guests whether they are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or whether they have any allergies in plenty of time so that you can feed this information back to your caterer and include this within your seating chart too. This could save time and confusion on the day if you have a master record of guests’ dietary restrictions.

Plus Ones and Children

Whilst you might not want to make the subject of plus ones and children one of your RSVP questions, it’s certainly a topic you’ll need to bring up with your guests before the official invitations go out. If you know the relationship status of your close friends and family members that’s a great start but there’s also no harm (and if the budget allows) in asking additional information of some members of your wedding party if you’d like them to have some company on the day. There’s nothing worse than being put on a singles table if you don’t know many other people at the event, is there?!

Accommodation and Travel

As well as including hotel accommodations information within your online wedding website you can also specifically ask your guests whether they would like to request a reserved bedroom, or if they would like any additional accommodation suggestions for the local area. Provide a healthy mix of hotels, Airbnbs and perhaps some cheaper options such as campsites too. Although not technically one of the most important RSVP questions, all of this important information could be included on an FAQ page within your wedding website which guests can access at all time meaning they don’t have to contact you directly with the same questions over and over again. For guests with mobility issues or guests travelling far it is polite to ask whether they require any travel assistance. If your ceremony venue is a distance from the reception venue then you may also want to ask your guests to confirm their seat on any wedding transport you have booked. This will ensure you have enough capacity to accommodate everyone on the day!

The Fun Questions

Lighten the wedding admin by throwing in a couple of additional questions that will get your guests thinking and bring a smile to their faces. By submitting personal requests within your wedding RSVP this means your guest list can be included in your big day plans, however small the gesture. And you never know, they might come up with a brilliant idea / tip that you hadn’t even considered before! Consider asking your guests the following questions… What’s your favourite song to dance to? This is the perfect opportunity to get as many wedding guests as possible on the dance floor! Ask for their song requests within the guests’ questions and make a playlist for the party from their answers - we reckon it will be the older guests that will provide the best song choices!

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Which cocktails should we serve at the wedding reception? Another fun RSVP question which could easily feed into your wedding theme and your dress code if you’re having one.

What snacks should we serve at midnight? Who doesn’t love a midnight snack, especially after a couple of hours on the dance floor! Be prepared for some interesting responses and some repetitive answers such as pizza, burgers or bowl food - just don’t forget to request those all important dietary restrictions too.

Share your best piece of marriage advice… How guests respond to this one could be quite fun, in fact the answers could even be woven into the speeches or be turned into a fun piece of entertainment for the wedding day. What should we do to celebrate our first wedding anniversary? If you’re having a destination wedding it might be a lovely idea to revisit your happy place on your anniversary, otherwise your guests might come up with an alternative perfect place or thing to do that you might not have considered before. Our parting practical tip would be to make your RSVP deadline super clear on your wedding website and digital invitations - you’ve got so much to think about when planning a wedding that chasing up slow guests for their wedding RSVP who then regretfully declines shouldn’t take up too much of your precious energy and headspace on the run up to the big day. So, now you have all the information you need to build your perfect RSVP online, go and test out the RSVP process over on Say I do and see how it could work for you!

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