10 Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Website These Days

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You may be considering whether you really need a wedding website or whether an alternative might do the job just as well. Creating a wedding website for your big day is a handy tool for many modern couples and can often become an invaluable resource when used to its fullest potential.

They’re simple to create, too: choose a wedding website design from a range of beautiful wedding templates (Say I do have 50+ to choose from!), pop in all your wedding details, and you’re pretty much there! If you’re still not 100% sure, keep reading for 10 reasons why you need a wedding website to help you during the wedding planning process.

1. Stay organised

One of the trickiest parts of wedding planning sounds like the simplest…staying organised! Without the luxury of a wedding planner, there’s a lot to stay on top of, especially if this is your first time planning such a large event. Organising your wedding day may seem like a fun and manageable task at the beginning, but with numerous people to contact, guests to organise, and lots of decisions to make, it can quickly feel like you’re drowning in wedmin. But before you panic, THIS is where a wedding website comes in handy!

2. All your information in one place

There’s nothing like keeping all of your wedding information in one place to help busy couples feel on track and stress-free. A wedding website will enable you to store guest contact details and any unusual dietary requirements; you can even create custom guest lists for each of your wedding events and ask specific guests questions relating to that event. There really is no need to be writing notes on scraps of paper or spend hours inputting data into a spreadsheet. Say I do’s handy wedding websites do it all!

3. Communicate easily with guests

Once you have all your guest information uploaded to your wedding website, you can communicate with your guest list as much or as little as you need to in the run-up. One brilliant feature is the handy email tool; so, for example, if plans change (which, sometimes, they do!), you need to request more information, or you simply just want to reach out and say hi, you can get in touch with all of your guests in one go, with ease.

Wedding websites are particularly useful if you’re planning a destination wedding, as guests will be relying heavily on you for flight and accommodation tips, restaurant suggestions, and things to do around the local area. A wedding website allows you to provide guests with direct links to all of this information and more. Your wedding website will really become a one-stop shop for your guests to seek all these important details out, and without it, let’s be honest, you’ll probably be inundated with the same questions over and over!

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4. Guests can’t lose a wedding website

We’ve all been there – hunting for that wedding invitation that landed through the letterbox six months earlier! But by having a wedding website and a digital RSVP option, your guests can access all your wedding details (and more!) at the click of a button. If you have a Say I do website, your guests will even receive an optional email confirming all the details with a link back to your website. No excuses here!

5. Good for the environment

It goes without saying that by opting for a digital alternative to your wedding invitations, you could be cutting down on a huge amount of waste. Taking your wedding information online will save on unnecessary paper and ink, as well as reduce carbon emissions by not having to post items. Planning a green wedding doesn’t have to be hard. By making small changes, you can still have a major impact.

6. Cost-effective

Some couples may still choose to send an envelope bursting with wedding invitations, directions, gift registry information, accommodation suggestions, and more. But just consider how much time, effort, and precious wedding budget goes into designing and printing all of these details! Wedding websites are a brilliant, cost-effective solution where all this important information can live and be accessed by everyone online. We have a free wedding website option with the choice to upgrade if you wish.

7. Setting guest expectations

There isn’t really a limit to how much information you can include on your wedding website. Although you should avoid writing an essay, you don’t want to put your guests off with too much waffle! Put yourself in your guests’ shoes; if you need to remind yourself of the wedding date or if you need to arrange transport between the wedding ceremony to the wedding venue, for example, then you’ll want to be able to find these details with ease.

Setting guest expectations early on is helpful for everyone involved and ensures no information gets missed. If you don’t want guests to buy you a gift or you need to stipulate that no kids are invited, state so clearly on your site.

8. Easier way for guests to know what to gift you

Another reason to have a wedding website is that you can include a link to your online wedding registry. This way, your guest list will have direct access to your list of dream wedding gifts and won’t have to spend precious time (and money) searching for something they hope you will like and use. Equally, if you have asked for a donation towards your honeymoon fund or a house deposit, your wedding website is the perfect place to explain this to your guests and point them in the right direction.

9. Digital RSVP is the best thing

Sending your wedding invitations through your website with a custom RSVP means that as soon as your guests reply online, your wedding website is automatically updated with the information! No reconciling replies or manually requesting specifics; it’s all there within your site. It really couldn’t be easier. Digital RSVPs are so much easier for your guests as well. All they need to do is click a button to say that they will be there; there is no sending it back in the mail and, therefore, no risk of it getting lost.

10. Receive messages from your guests

It’s likely that you may only see some of your wedding party before the big day, so a nice touch would be to ask your guests to leave you a message via your website. You can set this up through a custom RSVP question on your wedding website. This is a wonderful way for your guests to leave you well wishes, which will undoubtedly build excitement before the big day!

Organise your wedding the smart way

With built in to-do list, guest list planner and online RSVP

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