Our Love Scéal/Kōrero
Trisha and Matt met back in May 2017 in Abu Dhabi, after spending the day on a party island. As per usual, both were running to catch the last boat to leave to the mainland. By chance, they ended up sitting together squashed up against the bow of the boat due to their tardiness and the lack of seats on an over crowded boat. Fast forwarding four years on, of course Matt's proposal didn't go to plan, however she said 'yes' all the same. Trisha needed a few years to come to terms that she will have to live with Matt for the rest of her life which explains the 2024 wedding.
11th July 2024
Guest Arrival
Ballyseede Castle
Tralee, Ballyseede, Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland
Bell for Dinner
12th July 2024
DAY 2!!
For anyone that would like to join us for Day 2 R&R session we will be hosting a BBQ and live music in the hotel next to Ballyseede Castle.
Ballygarry Estate Hotel and Spa
Leebrook, Tralee, Co. Kerry, V92 W279, Ireland
Accommodation Information
If you would like to stay in the Castle the night of the wedding you can use the code W40711 to book a discounted room. To book, copy this address - https://www.ballyseedecastle.com/ On the right side of the home page, click on 'Wedding Guest'. This will open a new page where you can enter the wedding code above. When you enter the wedding code, click 'Apply' and enter the correct date. This will allow you to browse the different types of rooms that are available. If you are having any issues with the booking you can contact the hotel directly and they will be more than happy to help with your booking. If you do not want to stay in the Castle, we have recently secured ten discounted rooms in The Rose Hotel. If you would like to enquire please email groupreservations@therosehotel.com and mention our names and they will offer you the discounted rate. Tralee is a popular tourist destination during July, therefore it is recommended to book as soon as possible to avoid high rates and to secure accommodation. The accommodation listed below are also available and still close to Ballyseede Castle.
Wedding Party
Meet our lovely family and friends who will be by the side of the bride and groom on the big day.
The Best and Only Sister. She was almost given the title of 'Groomsmaid' as both Matt and Trisha were in need of her organization skills. Trisha won the toss and Ann-Marie will be by her side as her Maid of Honour.
Trisha's Partner in Crime and bestie since 2010 when they became housemates in University. Trisha can't confirm that she received top marks in her studies while living with Etain but she certainly can confirm that she gained a top friend. Etain will be joining Ann- Marie and Shaunna as Bridesmaid.
Since meeting in Abu Dhabi in 2015, Trisha and Shaunna have travelled the world and potentially had a drink in every Irish bar along the way. If you're looking for any Irish bar recommendations around the world, Shaunna is your gal.
Penelope will be joining the girls as our flower girl and is there to keep her father Alex on good behaviour. No doubt the Pea Unit will be the star of the show. If you see any destruction, it was either her or her father.
Alex and Matt's friendship began early in high school and are best friends to this present day. They quickly found it very easy to get into trouble together and not much has changed. Alex is always keen to provide a roof shout. Look out for him on the night if you fancy something from the top shelf.
To this day the adventures of Mike and Matt are still legendary. It all started in the chillers of the New World supermarket. Some say not much has changed since the Kawasaki 440 and backpackers days 20 odd years ago and remain best friends ever since. Mike is a keen gardener and is always willing to share his cuttings.
Matt and Wayne first met around 35 years ago as a neighbor of a family friend and still to this day remain best friends. Wayne is your classic kiwi top bloke who is the master of the shot gun and no matter what always has time for a beer with you. Wayne is always willing to sober drive for 10 buck and a mince and cheese pie.
Our Gift Registry
The most important thing to us is that you are able to celebrate with us on our wedding day. As we live in Abu Dhabi it will be difficult to transit large gifts. However, if you wish to give a gift, we will gratefully accept a small contribution towards our honeymoon.