Our Story
Dharshini and Stefan first met in June 2019. Dharshini ‘accidentally’ followed Stefan on Instagram, which opened the door for Stefan to initiate a conversation through DM’s. Stefan was captivated by Dharshini and thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on. Their conversations flourished, with countless messages being exchanged daily, and they soon realised that there was a spark blossoming between them. After exchanging numbers, Dharshini and Stefan wasted no time in making plans to meet in person. Fatefully, they both worked in central, which allowed Stefan to organise an evening for them to spend their first date together. He selected the Perception bar at the W hotel for drinks and later treated Dharshini to dinner at a French restaurant. During the evening, Dharshini found herself irresistibly drawn to Stefan as they engaged in hours of conversation filled with laughter. As the night came to a close, they both realised that a special connection was developing between them. Over the next few months, Stefan and Dharshini found themselves spending an increasing amount of time in each other’s company. Their time together was filled with memorable dates, city explorations, and endless laughter. Dharshini couldn't help but be enchanted by Stefan's kind heart, while Stefan was charmed by Dharshini's warm smile and gentle nature. As time progressed, the relationship between the couple grew stronger and stronger. In November 2022, during a romantic trip to Mexico, Stefan made a heartfelt proposal to Dharshini, which filled her with immense joy. Their engagement was a joyous occasion which they celebrated with family and friends. At present, Dharshini and Stefan are happily engaged and eagerly anticipating their upcoming wedding.