Saturday 23 September 2023
Perth Rd, Pitlochry PH16 5LX, UK
Drinks reception at the stags head bar
Call to dinner
Cutting of the cake followed by first dance
Dancing Time
Entertainment from Highway Band!
Saxophone Power Hour
Accommodation Information
There are rooms available at the atholl palace hotel but there are plenty other options close by such as their sister hotel ‘The fishers’ please get in touch if you are stuck.
For a couple of year we have lived in sin, We hae a washer, toaster and stainless steel bin, Towels & pans we hae many, tea sets & spoons we Dina need any. If a gift is fit you would like to bring our garden sare needs deen, so a money gift would be just the thing to get this jobby deen. We hope this wina cause offence as in our case it makes the perfect sense. But most importantly we request that ye come along as our special guests To share wi us oor special day and hae some fun along the way.