Saturday 17th February 2024
Saints Peter and Paul’s Catholic Church
377 Dorcas St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia
The Happily Ever After-Party
Pier 35 Bar & Grill
263-329 Lorimer St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia
A Note on Gifts
Your presence at our wedding is present enough, so don't worry about gifts, we have plenty of stuff. However, if you were thinking of helping us on our way, some money towards our honeymoon would truly make our day. We'll remember your kindness wherever we roam, before we settle down and build a home. Thank you for sharing our special day and helping us on our journey in every way.
Frequently Asked Questions
We have put together a list of questions and answers to save you time.
What happens after the Ceremony?
All guests are welcome to head straight to the Happily Ever After-Party with canapes and drinks starting at 4:00 pm. The Bride and Groom will take some pictures nearby and aim to make a grand entrance at 5:00 pm. Food service will begin from 5:30 pm and continue throughout the evening.
What is the Happily Ever After-Party?
We hope for our wedding reception to have a very relaxed and interactive atmosphere so that guests can mingle, socialise and celebrate freely. There won’t be seating charts and a formal plated meal but we promise there will be plenty to eat and drink!
What should I wear? Is there a dress-code?
We're hoping for beautiful warm & sunny weather on our wedding day, so cocktail and semi-formal attire is welcomed! Our reception's outdoor space is on a pier with some uneven surfaces, so ladies - please consider this when choosing your shoes (we don't recommend thin-heels/stilettoes)
Is there parking?
If you choose to drive, there is plenty of on-street parking at the church and even more parking available at the venue.