How it All Began
It all started in September 2012 when Matt and Ashton met in high school. After spending time together in the same friend-group, Matt was infatuated with Ashton's bashfulness and eventually worked up the courage to ask her out on a date. After over six years together, Matt proposed to Ashton at home (He was never really good with romantic gestures). Today, Matt and Ashton have already been together for over ten years, happily engaged and looking forward to their wedding day. They are grateful for the day they met and the journey that has brought them together.
Wedding Party
Meet the wedding party, who will by Ashton and Matt's side throughout the wedding.
Cousin to Ashton, Sarah will be by her side as Maid of Honour.
Cousin to Ashton, Sheridan will be serving as a Bridesmaid.
A friend made through college, Lais will be serving as a Bridesmaid.
Brother to Matt, Tyler will be by his side as Best Man.
Lifelong friend to Matt, Nick will be serving as a Groomsman.
Lifelong friend to Matt, Greg will be serving as a Groomsman.
Lifelong friend of Matt, Alex will be serving as the officiant of the wedding.