Wedding Party
Meet our friends and family that we have the pleasure to call our Wedding Party. They've been with us through all of it, and it's a joy to have them stand beside us during our special day.
Long-time bestfriend of Ashley. Met at St. Lawrence College in the CYW Program, it was fate that these two spicy Aries would become the perfect alibis in covering up a murder. Their nights out always concluded with sharing a bed.
Met in 2012 as fellow fishwenches at a local Fish and Chips restaurant. Bonding happened quickly between these quick witted bitties! Though communication was sometimes limited, they always pick-up where they left off.
After meeting Jen through a mutual friend, she and Ashley became thick friends, bonding over Minnesotan accents, murder and crime podcasts, the love for dogs and the gift for thrift,
Ashley's very first friend. Yes, her baby sister. Sharing not only the same affinity for dark humour, but the same womb. Salty girls for life, you'd think they were twins.
Lance and John were brought together by John's need to become a bargain hunter so badly that he deserved his own reality show- Lance thought he could make this happen.
Going into the way back machine, Lance and Clay have known each other since the tender age of 10 years old. Clay continues to be the friend that everyone wishes they could be. Never failing to help organize something or calling on a Birthday. These two are peas in a pod.
Getting to know eachother through Mike's gift to rock, these two have come together many times to share a pint, talk about the good ol' Brighton days, and their love of music. Mike is a very close friend to the Bride and Groom.
You thought Jack drifting into the ocean was sad, you should have been there when Myles left for the East Coast. He leaves behind a shell of a man, Lance. From bandmates to foosball to "Extra Curriculars" after school in the Loft, these two have seen it all.
Going back to 2012, Joshua and Ashley met through their mutual Bestfriend, Danielle. From Beachclub, to Peterborough, to now, these two have shared many laughs. *Siren Emoji*