Frequently Asked Questions
Can I bring my children? We have waited a long time to get married. In that time, your children have been born and grown. We love them, but would prefer a child-free evening. Will there be accommodations available? There will be rooms blocked off at the Towneplace Suites Marriott. With it being a popular time of year for weddings, and being so close to Prince Edward County, these rooms book up very quickly. Please advise that time will be of the essence when booking in Belleville. Is parking available downtown Belleville? YES! Please don't drink and drive. There are cab services, as well as the new App, URide. We recommend downloading the App prior to the evening of, so you need no mind on the night of. What took so long? WE DON'T KNOW- ask Lance, k? What is the Dress Code for this thing, anyway? Come as you are! Honestly, after years of no weddings- it's nice to dress up! But we want you to be comfortable, too! If you intend on going head-to-head on the d-floor with Ashley, bring comfortable shoes! Is there an RSVP deadline? Ideally, we would like to know as soon as you know- but life happens! We would like final numbers two months in advance, August 13th. If you are unable to attend, please update your RSVP. Is it a cash-bar? Not for the first 5 and a half hours (5:30-11:00pm). It is an open bar in that time-frame. Feel free to bring cash to tip your bartenders and to pay for your drinks after 11:00pm. This said, we would like our guests to drink responsibly. Please have transportation arranged if you intend on enjoying your adult beverages. Will there be Vegan/Gluten-Free Options? Yes- should our RSVP indicate the need for these dietary requirements, we will arrange for these options. If I have any further questions, how may I contact you? We can be reached via email:, but emails can be overlooked in our busy season. Best contact for Ashley is 613-848-5408, and best contact for Lance is 613-661-0698. We prefer texts-duh! Please note: questions on the day of the Ceremony (Friday, October 13th), and on the day of the reception (Saturday, October 14th), may go unanswered -SORRY- we're getting married! YAY! A contact for a person in our Bridal Party will be added as a contact towards the date.