Our Love Story
Bill and Jess first met back in 2013. Bill worked for Jess' uncle and over the coming years he slowly became part of Jess' family, joining in with all the family parties and holidays. In 2017, Jess took a gap year after high school and began working with her Uncle. This would be the year that Bill asks Jess to be his girlfriend... every day for a month until she said yes to him at a club in Thailand at 12.04am 25/08/17. Bill was persistent in asking Jess to be his girlfriend and he knew what he wanted. Bill loved Jess' beautiful smile and was most attracted to her fun loving personality. He often referred to her as 'the perfect Aussie chick'. Jess loved Bill's persistence, his sexy man hands and his contagious laugh but was most attracted to his work ethic. Over the next coming years Bill and Jess would embark on many adventures together. Jess' girlfriend status was upgraded to fiancé when Bill popped the question in Bali on 22/02/20. They have since built a house together where they look to create many more memories.
Our Parents
Meet our parents, the ones that have supported us and helped us grow into the young adults that we are today.
Mr & Mrs Elgin
Mr & Mrs Rowlands
Wedding Party
Meet our lovely family and friends who will by our side on the big day.
Millie, Jessica & Jordyn
Jordyn - Bridesmaid
Jordyn was Jess' first sister and best friend who is referred to as Jordy. She is the wild child of the Elgin girls and keeps things real. Jordy has supported and encouraged her older sister throughout her life and was brought to happy tears when Jess and Bill announced their engagement as she immediately imagined herself becoming an aunty down the track.
Millie - Bridesmaid
Millie is the next sister in line and often gets referred to as Jess' twin, Midge or Spilly Millie, so watch out for your drinks around her! She is the most funny and quick witted of the Elgin girls. Midge has always made it known that she found an older brother in Bill when he came into her life and she couldn't be happier for her sister when she found out they were getting married.
Daniel, Bill & Brodie
Daniel - Best Man
Daniel is Bill's Bother In Law and best mate, often referred to as Bordin. Bordin has been in Bills life for over 18 years. They have spent a majority of this time doing the things they love to do like motorbike riding, camping and fishing. Bordin loves that Bill has found a girl that he can also enjoy all these things with and also enjoy a good laugh too.
Brodie - Groomsman
Brodie is one of Bills good mates and is also known as Brodes. Brodes came into the Bills life through Bordin. Bill and Brodes enjoy a drink together and also love to fish and camp, especially at their favourite spot in Maude. Brodes has always been supportive and Bill remembers his reaction to the engagement as one of the best.
Leni - Flowergirl
Jess' youngest girl cousin has lept at the chance to join the party. Leni is carrying on the tradition of flower girl honour. Jess was Leni's Mums flowergirl and now Leni has the honour of being Jess' flowergirl.
Amelia - Flowergirl
Amelia has rocked her way into being the flowergirl. She is one of Bill's many nieces and is happy to support Jess on her day of joining Bills family.
Jackson - Ring Security
Jackson, is one of Bills nephews, is very proud to stand with Bill and Jess on their special day. Although Bill is a staunch Geelong supporter and Jackson for Essendon he will still stand by Bill on the day.
Hayden - Ring Security
Jess' only brother and referred to as the Golden Child. Although Jess has questioned the titled Bill has never doubted the validity. Hayden is very eager to stand next to his brother and make sure it all becomes official.
Friday 23rd February 2024
4:30pm - 5:00pm
Witchmont Estate Weddings & Events
557 Leakes Rd, Bonnie Brook VIC 3335, Australia
5:30pm - 6:30pm
Pre-Dinner Drinks and Canapes
6:30pm - 11:30pm
Dress Code
Semi-Formal Attire (suit and tie and cocktail dresses)
Our Wishing Well
We are trying to grow a money tree, a difficult task you might agree. As it is something we really need, perhaps you would care to plant a seed. Lots of Love Jess & Bill xx
Accommodation Information
Here are some hotel options in the area that we recommend.