Our Story
One Sunday in January of 2023, Lily met Andrew after a church service at Peel Pentecostal Tabernacle. Andrew had been attending this church for almost 2 decades with his family, and Lily had started in November of 2022. It's likely the two had crossed paths with each other dozens of times, yet they both had never seen the other until they met. They were introduced by Lily's friend, who just crazily enough, happened to also be Andrew's sister. About a week later, a group of young adults from the church, including Andrew and Lily, went on a weekend retreat to Ottawa. The group had a wonderful time, especially Andrew and Lily, who learnt a ton about each other. The couple now reflect on little moments, like being the first ones awake to prepare breakfast for the others, or goofing off together during a group trip to the mall. Over the next few months, the two hung out with close church friends - spending Friday evenings going to the movies, playing basketball, sipping bubble tea, and most importantly: talking and building Christ-centred friendships. Around this time, Lily and Andrew began to speak to each other daily over the phone, enjoying one another's company, and courting without realizing it. They learnt they share loves of country music, Jeeps, food, family, and their practice of Christianity. The greatest things they found they share, are love for Jesus and Christian values. Though it's difficult to explain, they both felt there was something special about the other, drawing them to each other. ♡ On June 1st, Lily and Andrew went on their first date, (accidentally!) however this topic is still very much up for debate between the couple! The couple began dating officially on June 12th, 2023, when Andrew asked Lily out on their first date. Finally, a few days later on June 16th, Andrew took Lily out on their official first date. They both dressed up, Andrew picked her up and brought her home, and ended their dinner date with ice cream and flowers. Lily felt a girl in a movie; Andrew was a true gentleman. They both agree that they could feel God's hand in their relationship from the second they clicked. God truly works in mysterious ways, and they could not be more grateful. The two fell in love and never looked back, thanking God every step of the way. They have enjoyed many adventures together, like their first rodeo, first marathon, attending church together on Sundays, and trying an abundance of new places to eat! After a blissful summer of learning each other and walking together in Christ, on September 2nd, 2023, Andrew got down on one knee. He asked Lily a four-worded question, and she says it was the easiest yes she's ever given. ♡ Reflecting on the corny, "I wish we met sooner" chats, there's something so beautiful about meeting your person when God places them in your life. Andrew and Lily firmly believe that God's plan is better than anything we as humans can ever ask or think of. Trust in Him, because His plan is best and His love is the truest you'll ever find. Andrew and Lily can love each other because Jesus first loved us.